The distribution network is enhanced through the strategic partnership with Nader Group

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Universal Modern Industries Co. For Edible Oil (UMIC) strengthens its distribution network through a strategic partnership with Nader Group.

Universal Modern Industries Co. For Edible Oil (UMIC), the leader in the manufacture of vegetable oils and obesity of all kinds since 1989, signed on Monday 15/01/2024 a strategic partnership agreement with Nader Group, a family-owned holding group that includes a group of companies in the fields of fast-moving consumer goods, retail and logistics since its establishment in 1980.

Mr. Nizar Zahran, CEO of Universal Modern Industries Co. For Edible Oil, said, “We are very pleased with this cooperation with Nader Group, as our company has a clear strategy, one of its most important pillars is the wider spread at various points of sale inside Jordan to ensure that our products reach the consumer. Providing the highest quality of oils and vegetable margarine, as the Jordanian consumer has been accustomed to our products since

Year 1989″

Nader Group’s vision to be a world-class organization offering the highest quality products and services is fully aligned with UMIC’s vision of exceeding consumer expectations and creating value for all its businesses.

This partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both Nader Group and the Global Modern Vegetable Oil Industry, leveraging the best resources to improve the quality of life within the communities served.

Mr. Kamil Nader, Group Chief Executive, added: “We are excited to start this partnership with UMIC and our shared values of passion, integrity and excellence will undoubtedly contribute to the success of this collaboration together.

 We are well positioned to achieve our collective vision of being industry leaders and delivering quality products and services to our customers.”

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