For more than 30 years we have produced & delivered a wide range of world-class edible vegetable oils and fats to our valued customers in Jordan & across the Middle East.

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For More Than 30 Years We Are Growing With Standards & Excellence

UMIC “Universal Modern Industries co.” for Edible Oil is the leading edible vegetable oil factory in Jordan since 1989 producing a wide range of edible vegetable oils as well as vegetable ghee & specialty fats. Our range includes: Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Olein Oil, Shortening, Margarine and several niche market specialty products.

Quality Products Made For Every Meal & Everyone

Our quality products are certified with excellence and made in Jordan with pride by our team of dedicated experts and passionate staff. Throughout the years we brought joy and happiness to your dining tables by producing and delivering the best tasting and highest quality products every day.

Recipes Made With Our Products For Every Meal

For each and every recipe you think of, you will find the right product from our wide range of Oils and Ghees to perfect the taste each time. Our products will help you reach the flavor you are dreaming of every day.

Events & Announcements

We would love you to stay tuned with our latest news, events, cooking competitions and announcements.

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